Baraka Pharm is a cosmetics distribution company, established in 1995.

We are one of the long-standing leaders in the Egyptian market in our industry and are highly renowned on a national & international level for our achievements.

Our revenue & volume streams are both steadily and consistently growing with our belief of organic growth and market share control. We have made a number of investments in order to improve our business performance even further, while responding to the growing market demands.

In 2017, we have opened new warehouses, alternatively, our warehouse surface area (licenced by the Ministry of Health) has increased to a total of 7800 m2 across the governorates of Cairo, Alexandria and Mansoura.

We are progressively expanding our distribution network and improving our distribution coverage, increasing our sales force, while implementing new and innovative selling methods. As a part of our growth strategy and although the market and economy were suffering, we took it upon ourselves to expand and increase  the number of employees, in order to improve our presence in our remote locations. Moreover, we have successfully acquired the exclusive agency of Palmer’s from USA, Brylcreem products from Lebanon, Alpecin, Plantur 21 and Plantur 39 from Germany which we are proud to call our long lasting partners.

Mission & Vision

We are a phenomenally customer-oriented company that provides an outstanding service in the field of cosmetic distribution.

At Baraka Pharm, we are devoted to achieving excellence, while improving our performance, products and services. We aim to contribute to Egypt’s social and economic development, by providing an outstanding service to our customers, a stimulating working environment to our employees, and by securing stable partnerships with our vendors & suppliers.

We aspire to develop and maintain stable relationships with our customers and are committed to a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We are always looking for new opportunities to add value to what we offer, with having put in place clear discount policies and a transparent pricing structure to be highly competitive & offer a fair price for the value we provide.

We see our stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, stockholders and our community – as lifetime partners and always strive for business relationships that are honourable, sustainable and naturally profitable.

Our Sales Channels

  • Key Accounts & Modern Trade – We are in direct contractual partnerships with all of the Key Account Customers, always handling their requests with the utmost attention and care.
  • Retail – We have a line of direct distribution to 7,500 outlets.
  • Wholesale – We have secured long lasting partnerships with the biggest wholesalers in the cosmetics industry. Our constant presence at wholesale outlets guarantees price unification and stock availability, while strengthening customer relationships.
  • Distributors – We use a distribution model in some regions, whereas we have full control of the distributors’ operation regarding our products. This is managed by an outstanding team of professionals, who are working with the distributors daily.
  • Tele-salesA team of highly qualified and experienced sellers are ensuring strong partnerships with 9,000 local pharmacies, as well as the presence of our entire product portfolio at these locations. Our team remains on call for any queries and orders.
  • Online – We have established strong business relationships with all the online platforms relevant to our activity, to ensure a complete representation of our portfolio at each e-store.
  • Van Sales – We are utilising van sales to ensure that our products are never out of stock at any of the existing 1,000 outlets from our weighted retail consumer base.

Baraka Pharm & Partners

We are the sole agent and distributor of Palmers, Brylcreem, Alpecin, Plantur 39+21 in Egypt and as such we are directly sell in 23 cities & governorates; constantly creating new & innovative products, hosting and sponsoring various events, investing in offline and online marketing, along with consistently  modernizing our operating model.

We are currently selling over 100 products of excellent quality and we believe that it is our utmost responsibility to expand our partners’ brand penetration in the market, through launching new products while organically growing our flagship products of high sales contribution.

We are well-aware of the importance of having a well-adapted marketing strategy and therefore invested in developing our brand names across different online and offline platforms, which has helped increase customer awareness and improve our brand presence.

Among our offline marketing activities are the following:

  • Hosting and sponsoring various events related to the cosmetic industry
  • Investing in stands, gondolas, and shelf-talkers for our brands at various pharmacies and hypermarkets, hiring our own promoters and placing them at strategic commercial locations
  • Investing in TV & radio commercials

As far as our online marketing activities are concerned, we are doing the following:

  • Constantly developing our presence on different social media networks and closely working with social media influencers
  • Improving our followers’ engagement with our brands by actively interacting with our online communities
  • Investing in viral campaigns, organizing different contests & competitions
  • Producing high-quality media content 

Company Structure & Team

Baraka Pharm is divided into 3 departments:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Administration

Each of these structures is managed in accordance with the best business practices we have obtained over time, while considering the specifics of the Egyptian culture in order to adapt to the local context.

Each structure consists of tightly knit teams of the best professionals in their respective domains and is always working towards achieving our goals and improving their performance.

We aim to attract and retain the best specialists in the market – our managers, sales representatives, administrative staff and all employees of Baraka Pharm are extremely dependable, competent and highly qualified.

Our employees are eager to achieve success and respond to every customer’s demands and requirements. We are dedicated to always delivering excellent customer service and outperforming our objectives.

Additionally, we strive to provide them with an exciting work environment where they can fully develop their skills and potential, grow with us and help us grow. We believe one of our powerful assets in investing in our team by providing our employees with training and specializations to improve our efficiency, expand our operations and stimulate innovativeness.

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